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You need a new bathroom or kitchen, but where to begin?


Start with experienced professionals!  Trust Mass State Kitchen & Bath, Inc. to help you design your dream bathroom or kitchen with affordable, stylish products.  We will come to you and guide you through the details to ensure you are thrilled with your new design.  Call for a consultation now!  We will help you fulfill your kitchen and bathroom design dreams!


We realize that once you have made the design decision, your kitchen or bathroom cannot be completed soon enough.  Let's be honest, no one enjoys a construction site in their home.  Once you choose your beautiful new design and your custom quality products are ordered, our expert installer will complete your project quickly and easily.  All that is left is for you to enjoy your new addition for a lifetime!


Why Mass State Kitchen & Bath, Inc.?


Mass State Kitchen & Bath, Inc. offers stylish, low-maintenance and affordable products for your bath including traditional tile and acrylics that transform an old bathroom into a beautiful, safe retreat you will love for years.  Our affordable and quality kitchen products including; wood cabinetry, flooring and countertops are functional and stylish.  All our products are reliable and durable enough for use in our homes every day.

Our innovative products, knowledge of accessibility solutions for the home and exceptional designs are just a few of the reasons why Mass State Kitchen & Bath, Inc. is the perfect remodeling company for your next project!


Paul G. Brothers Owner/President

Master Plumber, Carpenter, Builder. I have been in the Plumbing, Building, and Remodeling Business since 1980.

I not only enjoy designing and building your dream Kitchen or Bathroom I also take pride in providing you with quality plumbing and heating services. This allows me to provide all customers with a safe and comfortable Kitchen and Bathroom that will meet all your needs whether they be ADA compliance, prevention of slips & falls, rehab needs and much more.

My goal is for you to stay at home and create new memories in the home you have always loved.


Emanuel Moniz (Manny) Owner /Vice President

I have been In the Building and Remodeling trades since 1995.

Working as a Master Carpenter and Plumber, I have always enjoyed being a craftsman and taking pride in my workmanship. Whether it's planning and designing your dream kitchen and bathroom or remodeling for your joy and convenience.

If you need an ADA compliance kitchen, bathroom or everyday living space, you may have other disability needs such as ramps, easy access doorways, and much more. Allowing you to stay in the home you love in comfort and peace of mind.

Next Steps...

There is so much we can do for you.  From Kitchens to Baths to Water Filtration and so much in between to make your life easier!

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